What Is The Definition Of Knitwear

Published: 15th June 2011
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Knitwear can cover a broad range of designs. They can include clothing for all ages and gender. This includes men, children and women, home wares, accessories, even pets too. It can also be vintage designing or modern designing or a combination of the both. Knitwear can be handmade or it can be made by a knitting machine too. Also knitwear that is handmade in the UK is usually made by hand as it does give the personal touch to any design.

Knitwear can also include a range of techniques and styles. This can include moss stitch, rib, cables, stocking stitch etc. to name just a few. It can also include designs that are cardigans, jumpers, scarves, gloves, dresses, knitted accessories, home ware including cushions etc. This should show that knitwear is not just jumpers but can include a wide range of items for you to wear and for the home and accessories too.

Knitwear is also not like it used to be with the embarrassing jumpers that were made by your gran at Christmas. It has got a lot more trendy and modern. With younger designers designing patterns that all ages are wanting to make. A lot of celebrities are also taking up the hobby of knitting such as Madonna, Winona Ryder, Julia Roberts and Cameron Diaz to name just a few. This is obviously influencing a lot of the general public to also take up the ever increasing hobby. It is an ever increasing hobby online too and there are lots of forums and websites to encourage you such as ravelry where you can buy patterns or you can make friends and browse forums to encourage you with your hobby.

Knitwear can also be made from a number of different yarns too. This can include speciality yarn, Aran yarn, wool, sock yarn, 4ply yarn, cotton, double knitting yarn. There is such a wide variety of yarns available. Certain yarns are suitable for different projects. Such as you wouldn’t use sock yarn for a baby blanket, you would more than likely use a softer yarn like a baby double knitting yarn or a speciality yarn or a baby soft 4ply yarn. Sock yarns have become very popular and not just used for socks anymore. You can now use this for gloves, scarflettes, shawls etc. too. Hand dyed yarns are also very popular too and your design can be a total unique, one off design if it is hand dyed too.

Colour is very important factor too when choosing knitwear. The type of style of knitwear you require and what kind of design you wish to go for. Sometimes you can request a custom order and this can be made as a unique one off design for you or the person you wish to give the gift of it too. This is a bespoke order and no one else will have this, especially if you require that the yarn to be hand dyed to a colour that you request.

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